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Length 2,780mm

Width 1,300mm

Height 1,440mm

Ground freedom 150mm

Track width 1,100mm

Wheelbase 1,790mm

Luggage compartment volume 145 liters (excl. top case)


Dry weight 486 kg

Max. weight 713 kg


Front 14” EML

Rear 18” Aluminum sports rims

The handling and comfort of the Martinique cannot be called perfect. There is no word in the dictionary that is higher than “perfection”. Cruising on the highways or taking turns in a sporty manner gives you an indescribable feeling. The lightweight tubular construction as the rear axle and the EML Extensodive front suspension make these qualities possible. The rear axle is made of chrome molybdenum seamless tube, making it much lighter than "normal" rear axles. The semi-independent suspension with two EML shock absorbers (the spring preload is hydraulically adjustable) and a torsion axle system guarantee the right balance between leaning and comfort. All the disadvantages of “normal” rear axles or independent wheel suspensions no longer exist. Thanks to the tubular rear axle construction, the engineers have been able to provide the Martinique with a 145 litre luggage space without making any concessions to the design of the Martinique. Every detail was taken into account during development and the standard equipment of the Martinique is very complete.

Lined luggage compartment

Parking brake

Stainless steel brake lines

18” Aluminium rear wheels

Rear disc brakes

ExtensoDive front fork with 14” EML wheel

Steering damper

Rear underspoiler


The standard equipment of the Martinique is very complete. you can also adapt the Martinique to your wishes.


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