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AA Trikes For Conversions, Service and Repair Of all California SideCar Trikes based in Telford Shropshire - Honda Goldwing Trikes are - Encore - Viper and Cobra. Harley Davidson Trikes are - Volusia and Daytona. Indian Trike is the - Arrow. CSC LE Trailer. CSC Elite Trailer. CSC Excel Trailer. CSC Trike Warranty

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16" Standard Split 5 Spoke

This is the free standard wheel that comes with all CSC trikes

Available in Silver and Chrome finishes.

Looks great on all CSC Trikes!

17" Directional

Suggested for the Viper and the Cobra XL.

Available in Chrome or Machined finishes.

Exclusive to CSC and designed to match the 2001-2017 GL1800 front wheel.

17” Encore

Suggested for the Encore.

Available in Chrome, Black or Silver finishes.

Exclusive to CSC and designed to match the 2018 to Current GL1800 Front Wheel.

17" Black & Machined Enkei

Suggested for the Daytona, Volusia,

Venture or Legend.

15” 9-Spoke

Suggested for the Daytona, Sport IS,

Vantage or Volusia.

Available in Chrome only.

17” Toro 10 Spoke

Suggested for the Kruze.